Safer Treatment Near Dallas, Texas with Wavefront™ Guided Custom LASIK

At The M LASIK Center near Dallas, Texas, Wavefront™ guided LASIK eye surgery helps LASIK eye surgeon Michael Mazaheri, M.D., provide his patients from throughout the DFW Metroplex with customized vision correction treatments and superior results. Wavefront™ technology examines the entire optical system and detects, measures, and maps each eye's specific refractive errors, producing a custom treatment plan that increases the patient's likelihood of achieving 20/20 vision and reduces or eliminates problems such as glare, halos, shadows, and decreased night vision.

Candidates for Wavefront™ Guided LASIK
The Wavefront™ Guided LASIK Procedure
Benefits of Wavefront™ Guided LASIK Surgery

Candidates for Wavefront™ Guided LASIK

While conventional LASIK continues to be a successful procedure for patients suffering from lower order visual problems including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, there is a significant portion of the population that suffers from higher order visual abnormalities, for whom traditional LASIK cannot produce satisfactory results. Dr. Mazaheri can treat those patients at his Dallas, Texas area practice with Wavefront™ guided LASIK. Dr. Mazaheri even offers Wavefront™ guided LASIK as a safer and more effective alternative treatment for lower order aberrations. With the Wavefront™ LASIK system, Dr. Mazaheri can combine the benefits of precise laser correction with revolutionary diagnostic technology.

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The Wavefront™ Guided LASIK Procedure

At The M LASIK Center in the Dallas, Texas area, Wavefront™ guided LASIK by VISX® is used to perform extensive pre-operative diagnostic testing. The Wavefront™ system measures unique points along the optical pathway, and tracks the lower or higher order aberrations of the eye. These aberrations are then displayed as a three-dimensional Wavefront™ map, which provides Dr. Mazaheri with a personalized vision correction plan for patients at his practice serving Richardson, Dallas, and the entire DFW Metroplex. The Wavefront™ guided LASIK map is then programmed into an excimer laser to precisely guide its movement across the eye during your procedure.

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Benefits of Wavefront™ Guided LASIK Surgery

The Wavefront™ system allows Dr. Mazaheri to obtain a diagnostic measurement that is up to 25 times more precise than standard vision tests, providing a truly customized vision correction treatment. Proven to consistently produce better visual results for patients with both higher and lower order visual aberrations, Wavefront™ guided LASIK now offers patients a safe and effective procedure to fit their individual needs. This technology also enhances quality of vision and significantly reduces the risk of undesirable side effects.

If you live in the greater Dallas, Texas area and would like more information about Wavefront™ guided LASIK, contact our LASIK surgery center today. Dr. Mazaheri's practice also offers Intralase® LASIK, high definition LASIK with Wavescan™ technology, and more to help patients maximize their vision correction results.

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David Cardosi
"When I asked my colleagues who they trusted with their vision the answer was Dr. Mazaheri at The M LASIK Center. His patients never feel that they are getting the "conveyor belt" LASIK surgery that is so common with other ophthalmologists. After my procedure I now have excellent vision and a physician that my family and I can trust."